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Cleo Magazine
My favourite pastime magz!

Rainbow cakes

Rainbow surprise from a friend!

Sapphire briolette necklace

Gold filled necklace, sapphire briolette, yellow bronze wire.

Farewell gift for Teachers

Gold filled DIY wire, fresh water pearls, glass beads, white quartz crystal, tiny gold hearts.

Rectangle Rice Dumpling

Homemade by a friend's mother who loves cooking. There is salted egg yoke, black eye peas, pork belly meat, dried mushroom, chestnut, dried shrimp, glutinous rice and black rice. Heavenly delightful!

Puff pastry tuna Italian delight

Ingredients: Store-bought puff pastry, Mayo tuna, Italian basil paste, cheese and oregano.

Italy puff pastry

I use store bought puff pastry, amaze about the variety I could make in minimal time!

Become a fan of macaroon recently><

Mint meringue and rose tea meringue :)

Crispy Squid Head

Notice people queuing up for this and try it! Wow, shock by the amazing texture crisp crunchy not rubbery at all!

Cherry pancake

Mix self rising flour, an egg, soya milk into smooth batter! Heat pan, oil it with butter or margerine, pour batter to cover pan thinly. Spread anything you like on it, mine will be peanut butter and chocolate or cherry jam!